Pure - Laura JW - Music for meditation and relaxation

'To be pure is to be untarnished by anything other that what it truly is, and is therefore in itself a form of true perfection.

Anything that is its true perfection therefore has the ability to create at its highest potential what it so desires.'
Laura JW

The sound of a pure unaccompanied vocal to create and magnetise into your life your hearts desires.

Track list: Total length: 1 hour

1. Desire

3. Love

5. Focus

2. Intention

4. Clarity

6. Faith

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Wash away the stress of the day with an hour of relaxing vocal music.
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© Produced and designed by: Laura JW.
Recorded and mixed by: Peter Kiely at www.tinpanalleystudio.com
© Photograph by: www.chrisallerton.com

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